Friday, August 3, 2007


After his long stint as a broadcaster and radio commentator, Arnel Arrieta, Jr., the grandson of Nelie Rodrigazo Arrieta is now a self-made newscaster in Aklan Cable Television viewed by thousands of Aklanon for his accurate and timely reporting, fearless comments and unbiased opinion. This young, talented and articulate newscaster deserves the title "Arnel" of ACTV, Aklan. Aside from his work, he is envisioning to establish his own public relations firm in the future. At present, he endorses product and services of his fellow Aklanon whenever possible with the end in view of helping to market Aklan's products and services here and abroad. So do not be surprise if Arnel shall be promoting tourist destinations, products and services in Aklan including that of his relatives, friends and followers in this site. I have decided to extend my facility as well as to link this site to my friends' sites in the blogger's community. I dedicate this work to this young talented newscaster including his network for FREE as a show of support to this fellow who guided and toured me during after work while I was in Kalibo.

I arrived in Kalibo at around 4:15 in the afternoon on July 31, 2007, paid an official visit to Director II Evelyn Ejar, CSC-Aklan Provincial Office as I am about to investigate and validate the information supplied by a candidate of the search for outstanding civil servant, who happens to be from Aklan. After paying a courtesy call to Aklan Governor Carlito S. Marquez, I was fetched by my cousin Jones Arrieta, the provincial head of the Cooperative Development Authority in Aklan. We visited our Aunt Elpha Rodrigazo Arrieta at Aklan Mission Hospital. At the hospital, Tiya'y Elpha informed us that she will leave the hospital on August 1, 2007, the next day. The doctors assured her that she is in good health and fit to leave. We proceeded to Jones' house, afterwards. Arnel dropped-by and offered a room at her friend's hotel "Atong-Atang", who later became my friend too, "Ate Omy". The following morning, I reported to work in CSC-Aklan Provincial Office and conducted investigation the whole day with Director Ejar as my guide. Meanwhile, Tiya'y Elpha went home to Libacao to take care of his husband, Napoleon, who is in coma for over a month.

On August 2, 2007, I have to conduct a field work to interview and illicit information about our subject. We went to Banga until we reached Libacao. Libacao, the hometown of the Arrieta's. It was providential, as I can visit Tiya'y Elpha even just for a brief moment. Tiyay Elpha has been a second mother to me. We reached Libacao at around 3:00 p.m. and went over their place. After I kissed her, we talked over a coffee and palitaw prepared by Biblin. She told me that she diverted from her regular routine after Tiyo'y Poling became bedridden for over a month. As we all know, she was very active in the different women organizations in Libacao before Tiyo'y Poling's state. I hope that we give her moral support and encouragement to go on with her usual life and make herself busy rather than staying at home the entire day. I told the story about Mamang during the last six months of her terminal illness "Cancer", it is agonizing but we have to face the reality. I also told her that Kay emailed me conveying her message that she should take care of herself as Kay shall be bringing her to US soon.

As we are about to leave at around 4:00 p.m., I met Toting Zulueta, who is now due for promotion as SPO2. By his insistence, he toured me to their office at the Municipal Hall of Libacao. It was actually the Mayor of Libacao, who I was about to interview but was not around. Among the Zulueta's, it was Toting and Anabelle who remained in Libacao. As usual, Toting was such a jolly person. He told me that Libacao now has a hydro power plant and considered as a tourist destitation in Aklan. I really wanted to document the famous falls in Libacao were the hydro power plant was built to supply electricity not only in Libacao but the entire province should the current permits. I was also informed that Secretary Domingo Panganiban of the National Anti-Poverty Commission shall be visiting Libacao to look for possible capital infusion to the residents of the town and the province of Aklan per se. Libacao is slowly developing. Soon as the road from Kalibo and the neigboring provinces shall be finish there will be an economic boom in the place. How I wish to see the my cousins from abroad put in some of their investment in the place to benefit their fellow Libacaunons. Surely, "Arnel", who is now in the media shall help boost Libacao's image. We reached Kalibo before 5:00 p.m. I was fetched by Arnel at "Atong-Atang" afterwards. We went out with Jones and her wife.

Jones Arrieta, who is now the Aklan Province's Provincial head of the Cooperative Development Authority, requested me to drop-by at their home early in the morning at around 7:00 a.m. before my scheduled flight for Manila at 11:20. After going back in "Atong-Atang" at around 2:00 a.m. the day before, I woke up at 5:30, fixed my things and left Omy's went to Jone's home and took pictures. Jones with his 5 little children. He was very proud to show me the medals of Jushua. My relatives and Arnel's friend, "Ate Omy" of Atong-Atang provided for my board and lodging where I stayed and spend my time after work while I was in Kalibo and I am thankful to have such a nice relatives.

As I was about to leave, I paid a courtesy call to Aklan Governor Carlito S. Marquez and Miss Evelyn Ejar of the CSC Aklan Provincial Office, who provided us invaluable support to fulfill our mission. The Provincial Government of Aklan provided the CSC Field Office a vehicle and a driver for our mobility while Director Ejar acted as my guide. It was so nice of Governor Marquez that he won't let us leave without having a cup of coffee. He told us about how the province needs help interms of labor intensive projects to provide work for Akalanons.

The following persons also helped us a lot by giving us vital information about the candidate: Father Glenn Magpusao, St. John the Baptist Cathedral, Youth Director, Diocese of Kalibo; Zaldy Paderes, Professor, Panay Technological College, Vice-President, Association of Disabled Persons in Aklan, Regional Director, Kapisanan ng may Kapansanan sa Pilipinas (KAMPI); Mrs. Remia H. Donguines, Principal, Kalibo Elementary School; Generosa Condez, Principal, Guia Elementary School, Pandan Antique; Annily C. Flores, Professor, Aklan State University; and, Kalibo Mayor Raymar A. Rebaldo, Kalibo Mayor for three terms, President of the Municipal Mayors League in the Philippines. Her mother used to be a friend of Tiya'y Elpha and Tiyo'y Poling.

Do not be surprise if Arnel Arrieta, Jr. and his friends shall be regularly featured in this blog site soon. I volutarily made this site for this talented young person by the name of Arnel Arrieta, Jr., my nephew, who I hope will served as a beacon to unite Aklanons here and abroad through modern technology, the internet. I hope that Arnel maintains his idealism in reporting factual news through the Aklan Cable Television to be reinforced by this privately operated blog site, for my nephew, whose grandmother is a Rodrigazo. I hope too that I can go back to Kalibo in the near future.

Herewith are the pictures, that speaks a thousand words: